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VERIFY I-9, LLC is a full-service Form I-9 consultancy. In addition to Form I-9 for remote hires, I-9 audits and E-Verify®, we offer a number of services to ensure that your employees are authorized to work in the United States and that your I-9s will withstand the scrutiny of a government audit.

  • Policy & Process – A review of your current processes, or development of policies and procedures
  • Training & Assessment – Ensure that employees know how to complete Form I-9 correctly and legally
  • Acquisitions – Buying an existing business? Don’t buy their unauthorized workers and defective I-9s!
E-Verify logo over Form I-9E-Verify® is the most effective tool for ensuring that your new hires are authorized to work in the United States. Applying for a business license or receiving a public contract? Our E-Verify service satisfies state laws and federal contractor rules that require E-Verify verification to qualify for public contracts or to maintain business licensing. We pride ourselves on prompt, personal service. When our client companies call, a live person answers the phone… usually one of the owners or a high-level manager. We have made E-Verify easy for thousands of employers from across the country!
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Are your Form I-9s error free? The large majority of forms that we see every day contain at least one error and some, a half-dozen or more! If targeted by the USCIS for a random audit of employment documents, your company can be fined between $200 and $2,500 per form, depending on the number and severity of the errors. It pays to have your forms reviewed by an experienced professional. A growing number of corporations including Fedex and Publix Super Markets are requiring contractors to provide a third-party Form I-9 audit and/or proof of enrollment in E-Verify. A large number of employers have relied on our service to meet this requirement.

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While rapid advances in digital communication have made it possible for businesses seeking the most qualified candidates to pull from a nationwide labor pool, government forms like Form I-9 have not kept up with the progress. Section 2 of Form I-9 must still be completed during a face-to-face meeting with the new hire to review original identification documents. Employers who violate federal law by “meeting” with the employee via a Zoom call or by viewing identification documents by email face fines in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Verify I-9 makes processing Form I-9 for remote employees easy!

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Do you need an “E-Verify ID Number” or “federal work authorization user identification number” and have no clue what it is? We have answers!

We make E-Verify easy!

Numerous states including Georgia, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Arizona, South Carolina and Utah require employers to enroll in E-Verify.
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Form I-9 Audit

Verifyi9’s Form I-9 audit service will help you gain peace of mind regarding the state of your Forms I-9.

Review & Correction

A Form I-9 audit identifies errors, allowing you to correct them in advance of an ICE Notice of Inspection. Better yet, we can correct errors for you!
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Remote Form I-9

Our Form I-9 experts can complete Form I-9 for your remote new hires, correctly and legally!

Remote I-9 made easy!

Verifyi9’s remote I-9 service eliminates the headaches associated with completing Form I-9 for remote hires.
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