Is Your Company Exposed?

ICE Worksite Enforcement is on the rise. A Verifyi9 audit can find problems with Form I-9 before the government does!

Errors in your Form I-9s can cost your business money! Worksite enforcement including random audits of Form I-9 by the USCIS have increased dramatically… fines for Form I-9 errors can reach into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. A Form I-9 audit by Verifyi9 can save you thousands by identifying errors now, before the government shows up!

It pays to have an experienced professional Form I-9 Audit Service review your forms for accuracy!

  • Audits certified for contractors (Publix, Fedex, Walmart, others)
  • Form I-9 audit and E-Verify… help you ensure a legal workforce

Form I-9 is not just another piece of bureaucratic “red tape”… even simple errors in the form can result in thousands of dollars in fines or charges of discrimination if audited by the federal government.

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