Proving Your Enrollment in E-Verify

Occasionally, you may need to prove your company’s enrollment in E-Verify… for example, if you are a federal contractor or if your state, county or city requires proof of enrollment to renew your business license.

There is no “official” proof of enrollment in E-Verify. The recommended evidence of enrollment is a printout of your actual registration information from the E-Verify system or a copy of the signed MoU. Send an email to (clients only) requesting proof of enrollment and we will respond promptly.

Some government agencies (primarily school systems in Alabama) are requiring vendors and contractors to provide a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding, signed by the vendor, us and the USCIS.

Because of a limitation of the E-Verify system, we cannot provide a page with all three signatures (electronic signatures for us and the USCIS, and your handwritten signature). For your purposes, however, you should email requesting that we send the version of the MoU on file in E-Verify.

Then, you simply re-sign the signature page, using the date on which your originally signed the MoU. You can then use copies as proof of enrollment.