Designating Hiring Sites

Since E-Verify is currently voluntary (except for federal contractors), employers may choose the location(s), known by E-Verify as “Hiring Sites,” at which they will use the system to verify new hires. An employer with offices in multiple states, for example, may elect to only verify new hires in those states in which E-Verify enrollment is required by state law.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requires that the employer expressly designate the location(s), by physical address, at which the employer will use E-Verify. Our signup form allows you to enter up to four hiring sites. If you have four or fewer hiring sites, you can return to the signup form and continue enrollment.

If you plan to verify new hires at five or more hiring sites, you must first enter the addresses into a “comma-separated values” (CSV) spreadsheet file. (Download template). After creating the file, you should return to the signup form (or, if you’ve already started, use the link in the `Continue later` email that we just sent) where you will upload the file as you enter data.

What is a Hiring Site?
A “Hiring Site” is a location, controlled by the employer, at which new employees may be hired and/or complete Form I-9. A “Hiring Site” is not the same as a “job site,” which is a location where employees may perform a service but is not controlled by the employer, like a client’s workplace or a private home.
Create the CSV file
You can download a sample file to get you started or create your own CSV file. If you create your own, title the columns “Address Line 1”, “Address Line 2”, “City”, “State” and “Zip Code”. Enter the addresses under the headings, one address to a line.

Updating Contact Info? If you are already a client but are updating your hiring sites, click here to return to the info update form. (Don’t use the link above!)