E-Verify Again Available as Government Shutdown Ends

The E-Verify system is again available as an agreement was reached on Friday to temporarily fund the government through February 15 and end the E-Verify shutdown. While employers will again be able to enroll in the E-Verify program and verify new hires, the Department of Homeland Security is anticipating delays and temporary system outages as employers login to clear their backlog of cases.

Enrolling in E-Verify via an Employer Agent will be the best option for employers who were prevented from enrolling in the program during the shutdown. It may take three weeks or longer for the system to send an employer the temporary username and password that is needed to login and take the 31-question mastery test that is required before the employer can access the system. An employer who enrolls through an Employer Agent will not experience the same delay and will not be required to take the mastery test.

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