Arizona, Maryland and Wyoming Join RIDE Program

Arizona, Maryland and Wyoming became the latest states to join the Records and Information from DMVs for E-Verify (RIDE) program beginning July 31, 2017.

RIDE is an ongoing E-Verify initiative that links E-Verify with participating employers and state departments of motor vehicles (DMVs). It allows E-Verify to validate the authenticity of driver’s licenses and state identification cards issued by participating state DMVs that employees present as Form I-9 identity documents if the employer uses E-Verify. This helps to reduce document and employment eligibility verification fraud in E-Verify. These states join Wisconsin, North Dakota, Mississippi, Florida, Idaho, Iowa and Nebraska in this initiative.

While the Document Number has always been required for a List B document on Form I-9, we must now enter it as part of the verification process. You can minimize errors and delays by ensuring that you write the full license number in the “Document Number” field in the List B column of Section 2.

Learn more about Driver’s License Verification and see the RIDE fact sheets.